Welcome to the Ultimate Handbook for renting as a student with Thornley Groves

This handbook will help you navigate through your Tenancy. Whilst you may not wish to read this in full now, keep it handy so if an issue arises.

We hope that you have a great time in your new home!

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If you lose your key, we charge for the incurred costs to replace the key/security device. If you have had your keys stolen, for security reasons, we will need to change the locks. We will charge you for the incurred costs to change the locks and cutting the appropriate number of keys.

Please note that both lock changes and replacement keys can only be dealt with during office hours. The out of hours emergency team are not able to deal with repairs at properties without a Tenant being present to give access. Please note that the loss of keys is not considered an emergency.

Just Moved In? - FAQ

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Repairs, Tenant Action and Common Repairs FAQ

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Fire Action

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Legionella Advice

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Anti-Social Behaviour

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