Just Moved In FAQ

If you haven’t opted for a bills package with us, you will need to set up accounts for gas, electricity, water and council tax. You may also choose to set up a phone line or broadband account at the property. You need to tell Manchester City Council that you are living at the property, even if you are a student, in order to access their services. Student exemption forms can be easily obtained at all of the major universities in Manchester. The easiest way to contact Manchester City Council is by email – their address is [email protected]

You will be provided with initial meter readings for your gas and electric meters (if applicable) at the start of your tenancy, and you will need to set up accounts with your providers independently. To find out who the current suppliers are, please visit the following websites:

Electricity: https://www.enwl.co.uk/forms/who-is-my-supplier/

Gas: https://www.findmysupplier.energy/webapp/index.html 

The water supplier for this area is United Utilities, and they can be contacted on: 0845 746 2222. You will need to consult the check in inventory to confirm whether or not the property is fitted with a water meter. If not, United Utilities will bill you for estimated use.

Please note that you are responsible for all utilities from the start date of your tenancy, and not from the day that you move in, if these dates are different.

Once you have found out the supplier of your property, please ensure that the bills are put in to your name. You may also wish to change the suppliers, please feel free to do so.

The fastest way to report repairs is online using the tenant repair link, which you can access by following direct link https://thornleygroves.fixflo.com/ . This can also be saved onto your smartphone home screen for future use.

Please ensure you confirm access arrangements when you report the repair, i.e. if a contractor is able to access the property with office keys, or if you wish to book a repairs appointment, as this will prevent delays in contractors attending.

It is important that you check the condition of the property as it is when you take possession at the start of the tenancy. After more than 7 working days, there is the possibility that any damage not noted on the check in inventory has been caused by Tenants. To avoid these disputes arising, we ask that you thoroughly check the property when you move in. Any additional notes can be added to the check in inventory that you return to Thornley Groves within 7 working days of the tenancy start date.

Manchester City Council currently charge a replacement bin. If your bin is then lost or stolen, you will have to pay for a replacement by requesting a new one from Manchester City Council, and pay for it. Please note that all recycling facilities (glass, paper, metal and food composting) are available free of charge from Manchester City Council. If you need a replacement or additional recycling bins you can request these online from Manchester City Council. The web address is: https://www.manchester.gov.uk/info/200084/bins_rubbish_and_recycling/6252/bin_missing_or_damaged

If you cannot find any wheelie bins double check there are not communal bins provided by Manchester City Council on the road – these are common in Fallowfield.

You can find out when your refuse collections will be via Manchester City Council’s website www.manchester.gov.uk. Please note that it is the Tenant’s responsibility to put bins out for collection.

If you receive post that is not addressed to any of the residents in the house, you will need to mark it ‘return to sender’ and post it back to the point of origin. If you receive post addressed to ‘the resident’ or ‘the occupier’, you will need to open this, and update the companies with your relevant details. If you receive post addressed to Thornley Groves, you will need to forward this to our office. Please do not bring post that is not addressed to you into our office, unless it is addressed specifically to Thornley Groves.