Demand for rental properties is currently at an all-time high, meaning that competition is strong amongst landlords. Therefore, your property’s kerb appeal is an essential consideration.

What is kerb appeal?

Kerb appeal relates to the desirability of a home from the first impression. Having great kerb appeal can be the difference between a prospective tenant wishing to progress with your property or not. 

We’ve pulled together a list of simple and cost-effective ways to boost your kerb appeal and ensure your property remains ahead of the rest…

1. Maintain the garden 

This doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a gardener to maintain your outdoor spaces. This can be as simple as keeping the lawn cut, planting and maintaining greenery, and ensuring any paved areas are free of weeds and litter.

2. A clean and clear path and driveway

An unkept driveway or paved area is easily fixed with the help of a jet wash. Make sure you remove any weeds and fix any broken paving slabs which could be deemed a trip hazard.

3. Clean windows and window frames

Clean windows not only look attractive but also allow more light into the property, creating an overall brighter space.

4. Security

No, not CCTV or expensive new gates; simple investments go a long way when it comes to security – good lighting on the route to the property, alarms, and secure locks are all important when marketing your rental property.

5. Front door focus

The front door is arguably one of the most important features of any rental property. It’s the entrance into the home and the first point of contact potential tenants will make at a viewing. Basic enhancements such as cleaning your door or giving it a lick of paint can provide a much better introduction to the property.

The bottom line: Why is kerb appeal important and should you consider making any of these improvements to your property?

As a landlord, you’re looking for a responsible tenant to rent your property. By setting a good standard for the appearance of your property, you’ll attract like-minded tenants who will take care of the home as you would yourself. But, the benefits don’t stop there; a property with better kerb appeal can also increase rental values, encourage tenants to stay in your property for longer, and make positive contributions to the appearance of their home.

Contact your local branch for advice on getting the most out of your rental property.