Struggling to find a home you truly love?

22nd Feb 2023
Modern kitchen - Thornley Groves

We believe in matching people with property and our teams are dedicated to not only selling your property to the perfect buyer, but also helping you on your search to find a home you’ll truly love.

We know that what’s on the open market is just a small glimpse of what is really available so, here at Thornley Groves, we offer our sellers a bespoke ‘matchmaking’ facility to help them find the home they’ve been searching for. Giving them the confidence to sell their property, knowing that we will help you find your next dream property.

Priority Access

When you sell your property with Thornley Groves, we will support you on your search for your next dream home, providing you with priority access to properties listed with us before they are marketed to all buyers. As we hold one of the biggest property market shares in Manchester, we are best placed to find your ideal property with those very specific features you are searching for. Our dedicated professional team will immediately alert you to your perfect memory-making home or perfect investment opportunity before it comes to market. This is perfect for those wishing to sell but who cannot find a suitable ‘next home’ or landlords looking to extend their property portfolio.

Here's what to expect when you sell with Thornley Groves.

Getting to know you

Your journey begins with a no-obligation visit from your local Thornley Groves office. Our agents will gain a thorough understanding of your property requirements, whilst providing you with a free property valuation and proposal on the sale of your current property.

To truly understand your budget for your next home, you’ll need an up-to-date mortgage in principle. We’ve teamed up with specialist brokers who have access to hundreds of mortgage options – many with exclusive rates – and cutting-edge technology means you could have a pre-approved ‘mortgage ready’ certificate in no time.

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Our teams start searching and selling

Searching: We will proactively search for your dream property; creating a dynamic, well-considered advertising campaign to reach out to relevant homeowners not yet on the open market, whilst keeping our ear to the ground for suitable properties coming on the market with us and providing you with priority access to properties listed with us before they are marketed to all buyers.

Selling: All while we find the perfect buyer for your current property.


Stress-free sale

Once we’ve found your dream property, and the perfect buyer for your current home, it’s time to seal the deal. Our teams will offer expert advice and support throughout the whole process to make your move as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

If you would like our support from our team at Thornley Groves to help you sell and search, get in touch today, we would love to help.

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