Lighten the load with our Managed Service Offering

5th Apr 2023
Monton office exterior - Thornley Groves

Whether you’re a new Landlord or an experienced Landlord, having us as your Managing Agent helps to lighten the load. 

Here’s a quick reminder of some of the associated benefits of having your property managed:

We are experts in our field and know the law.

There are approximately 145 laws, and over 400 regulations, which must be adhered to in order to legally Let a property in England and Wales. By way of utilising our managed service you get the benefit of experienced market leading professionals who are well versed in these laws. If Landlords fail to comply with the law, in the most serious cases, you could receive an unlimited fine, a banning order prohibiting you from letting your property and/or prison time. 

Our team of Property Managers are experienced and well trained. We are Members of the professional industry body ARLA, meaning that we are held to a code of practice and are kept up to date with legislation changes to ensure that you, the Landlord, are compliant with the law. This mitigates the risk of any potential fines (or otherwise) and protects you and your tenants.

We collect your rent.

We understand just how important it is to ensure your rent is received in full and on time, as many of our Landlords rely on this income to cover their mortgage payments. All of our tenants will have undertaken a robust referencing process to ensure that they meet the affordability criteria and have no adverse credit.  

We have a team of arrears clerks dedicated to chasing rent to ensure you are paid promptly. They act as the neutral middle person who can proactively chase the rent whilst removing the emotional element. 

There are very specific processes, paperwork and timescales that must be adhered to if you need to evict a tenant. In the worst case scenario any errors could mean that a Landlord will not legally be able to evict the tenant at all. Our team are fully trained and have specific processes to avoid this. 

We know that not receiving your rent can be nothing short of a disaster, and as such we offer an additional service, Rent & Legal Protection (RLP) to our managed clients. With our Rent and Legal Protection service, landlords will always get the income they expect, they also benefit from legal cover to gain possession of their property. If you don’t already benefit from RLP and want to know more please follow this link:

We offer piece of mind.

Your time is precious, as are your properties. It’s our job to ensure that we are proactively managing your investment by being proactive and troubleshooting. 

There are two main focuses for a Landlord; “Is the rent being received” and “are my tenants looking after my property”. There are numerous things we do to help offer peace of mind in this respect.

We conduct regular property inspections to ensure that the property is being cared for by the Tenant and to get ahead of any maintenance issues which can end up costing more if not dealt with quickly. 

We have a “little black book” of vetted professional contractors who value the business we pass their way, meaning that they are motivated to provide our clients with competitive rates and attend to jobs swiftly.  

We have a 24 hour 7 day a week online maintenance reporting portal which Tenants, Landlords and Contractors can engage with. This allow us to handle all maintenance issue efficiently and quickly whatever the time of day. 

If you’re looking to expand your portfolio or want to know more about all that we offer under our Managed Service offering, get in touch with your local team today.