Case Study: A gesture of appreciation for our Letting Agent

5th Apr 2023
As an overseas landlord, Cecilia entrusted us as her local letting agent to look after her portfolio of properties, and, as she found out recently, for good reason. 

Due to personal circumstances, Cecilia's tenant was unable to pay their rent. Fortunately Cecilia was benefitting from our Rent & Legal Protection (RLP) Service, meaning that when the tenant fell into arrears, in July 2022, she was able to claim back all of the rental arrears and all of her legal fees were covered. 

An insight into Cecilia's story.

A court hearing took place in December 2022, whereby the judge awarded a court order for possession of the property back to Cecilia. Unfortunately the tenant failed to vacate in line with the court order. As part of the RLP cover, we applied for a bailiff to attend at no expense to Cecilia, in order to gain possession. 

Fast-forward and Cecilia is now in possession of her property and is due to receive her final payment to cover all rental arrears plus 75% of the rent for the vacant period for a maximum of two months.

Had the Cecilia not taken advantage of our RLP service offering, she would have been out of pocket by circa £8,000 for the rental arrears and would have had to pay for all associated legal fees in order to gain possession, which would have been well in excess of a further £2,000. She also wouldn't have benefitted from the 75% of the rental value whilst she made some improvements to the property.

Check out her review of our team below.

I have been waiting to show a gesture of appreciation to write a glowing review for our letting agent.

Being an overseas landlord, we have to leave our trust to the letting agent.There are countless procedures and paper work when we encountered a tenant who stayed with rent arrears and also failed to contact.The tenant is complicated, the process and procedures from contacting tenant, seeking legal services, solicitors, time to wait for court hearings and application to bailiff eviction are all lengthy, but the team members, from Debt Recovery Manager, Account and Finance team, Rent Arrears Team, Property team had kept us updated at the drop of a hat whenever we had concerns.

In particular, I can imagine the hardship and stress when anyone had to face such a difficult tenant, when behind the scenes witness the eviction process that matter so much to the family who also have tons of personal issues!
We are so grateful for the effort of those that kept us informed and confident while navigating this major milestone. We are so very happy to share our experience to help encourage others to get in touch with you should anyone who encounter anything similar. Everything is well done and this is and exciting step forward for our family in helping us to get back our HOME now!